Estonias biggest alpacafarm. Alpacas are related to the camel and lama, and come from South America. In our farm you can also meet other animals from around the world, including African minigoats, Ousannt sheep(smallest sheeps in the world), Angora rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs.

How to find us

We are located in Are vald, a village close to Pärnu County. From the main road between Tallinn-Pärnu, take a turn off in direction Suigu by the the bus-stop “Are”. From here, follow the road for about 1,4 km, and turn left by the sign pointing to Alpacafarm. Follow this road for about 1,7 km, and you’ll be here!

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Codes of conduct when visiting

When visiting we have some simple rules that should be followed to get the best experience possible. This isn’t based on how the animals behave, but rather how you as a visitor behave. The animals aren’t programmed to have the same welcomming feeling for all visitors.

Alpacas, like all other animals, have a really good intuition towards other mammals behavior. They are sometimes nervous, and can easily be scared off by visitors. They don’t bite, and you shouldn’t be afraid of them, but be cautious when moving in their territory to not make them scared.

By example they’re not good with noise, running and sudden movements. On our farm it’s also forbidden to feed the animals with any food you have brought yourself. Only food provided in the farm can be given to animals.

Other than these simple rules, you should enjoy yourself when visiting, and ask questions when wondering about something!