Alpakafarmi algusHow our story started

At summer in 2011, we bought Kännu farm in Are vald, which had been without human care for more than 20 years. At the time, the place was full of small calyxes and grass at chestheight. The house, where bulding started in 1989, only had a the construction foundation, with the exception of a large tree in the middle of the future livingroom.
Initially, the farm was supposed to be a summer cottage, but through a sad experience we soon became aware of the fact that the Estonian property couldn’t be left alone without guard. We soon after decided to build a tourist farm. The initial idea was housing accomodations, but we soon decided to we would rather like a farm with alpacas.

Alpakafarm algus hoovThe first alpaca came to us from England on May 11th, 2012. At first, there were only males, because females couldn’t be transported the same time. The females arrived in September of the same year with their sons. Today, in addition to alpacas, we also have angora rabbits, multiple goat-kinds, sheep, chickens, as well as our beloved dog Mia, and cats.